Diffuser Care + Safety

 Thank you so much for your purchase!

Please ensure you follow the below guidelines to ensure your safety when using the diffusers:

  • Do not light the reeds!
    • The fragrance oil in the diffuser jars are able to travel along the fibre reeds to disperse the beautiful scents throughout your room.
    • Use a coaster under your diffuser
      • Placing a coaster under your diffuser will prevent any oils from damaging the surfaces in your home
    • Keep out of reach of children and pets!
      • Ensure that your children and pets are unable to reach the diffusers as they contain oils which could cause illness if ingested.

    In order to get the absolute most out of your new diffuser, we recommend you follow a few simple tips:

    • Place the diffuser in a high traffic area
      • In a high traffic area, the air is encouraged to circulate more freely and lifts the fragrance naturally out of the diffuser
    • Avoid areas of high humidity
      • Areas of high humidity can cause damage to the dried florals. We recommend areas such as living rooms, bedrooms and hallways. If kept in a safe area, the floral can last up to 5 months
    • Do not place the florals into the oil
      • As the florals are dried, coming into contact with the oil could damage them. The florals are handmade by Abby and are designed to sit in the jar above the level of oil
    • Do not flip the reeds
      • The reeds are made of a fibre material which allows the fragrance to travel along the reeds and disperse naturally. If you decide to flip the reeds, remove the florals so that the oils cannot get in contact with them

      If you have any other questions on candle care, please email us at abby@ohanabyabby.com, or message us via instagram @ohanabyabby