Flora Florals Care + Safety

 Thank you so much for your purchase!

While we make sure that our Flora Florals are created properly, please remember that they are designed to last from 1 - 7 years. With that in mind, make sure to follow the following simple guidelines:

  • Do not water me!
    • This may sound silly, but we have had people ask us if they need to spray the florals. As these are dried florals, wetting them may damage them 
  • How to Install the Flora Floral Installation
    • Your installation will come with two hooks and two nails ready to hang in your desired space. The installation itself generally weighs less than 1kg (for the small). All of our installations are made to be hung horizontally, but of course they can be hung whichever way you prefer. 
  • How to clean
    • Have a hair dryer handy! Ensure the heat setting on your hair dryer is at the cool temperature and gently blow away any dust that may have settled on your installation. Generally this should be done outside for best results.

      If you have any other questions on floral installation care, please email us at abby@ohanabyabby.com, or message us via instagram @ohanabyabby.