Our Story

Ohana by Abby is a very small business built from a little home in Melbourne, and we have relocated to Teralba, Newcastle, NSW. Our house is full of snacks (Ash, a good friend of ours), hugs, and of course our two french bulldogs Wynter and Axyl.

When Nick and Abby met, she was his barista at a local cafe, and once they started dating they flew back and forth between Melbourne and Sydney. Every trip through Melbourne Airport, Nick would purchase a candle for Abby, and that's where the love for candles grew!

We love making scents and curating homewares for people's homes and spaces. We thrive on excellent value for money, and great quality products. We source only the best soy wax for our candles which is vegan and pet friendly. Our aim is to continue to grow this little business and nurture and care for it as much as we do with every single candle that leaves our house.


"Ohana means family. Family means no-ones gets left behind or forgotten" - Lilo and Stitch